Technician Registration & Renewal Process


 Appendix A of CAN/ULC-S536 Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems states that “any person who performs the annual test and inspection of a fire alarm system should be familiar with this Standard and have suitable formal training or sufficient experience acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction”.  The CFAA Fire Alarm Technology Program has become widely accepted across Canada as providing suitable formal training acceptable to Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

 Several provinces have issued statements to the effect that the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Education Program has been accepted by them, as meeting the intent of their fire codes, respecting the personnel who are deemed to be acceptable to perform inspection and testing of fire alarm systems in their respective jurisdictions. 

 The Canadian Fire Alarm Association provides a service to all persons who have successfully completed the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Education Program and field experience, and who can therefore expect to be accountable to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction under CAN/ULC-S536 Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems.  This service provided by the CFAA is a registration service, whereby the CFAA will:

  • Issue the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician with a personalized photo-id badge and certificate,
  • Create a CFAA Registered Technician file,
  • Enter the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician’s name into a registration database,
  • Provide ongoing industry articles and pertinent industry information via the CFAA Journal.


 Since the inception of the Fire Alarm Technician five-course Educational Program, the CFAA has consistently stated that “It is important to note that completion of the five courses only, will not make the individual a competent fire alarm technician without at least one year of working experience with another experienced technician.”  In November 1999 the CFAA added a mandatory “Canadian field experience” requirement to the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician registration process in order to strengthen the existing fire alarm technician educational program.

 The “Required Knowledge & Activity Checklist” Registration Form T9903, contains several individual items that reflect both knowledge and activity parameters.  All of the items are considered to be an important part of the package referred to as “experience”.

 We anticipate that many, if not most of these experience items will be achieved through direct involvement while working on the job-site along side an experienced CFAA Registered Fire Alarm Technician.  In shop training may be a useful substitute for items not achieved through job-site activity.

The one year work experience requirement may be served concurrently with or prior to the completion of the educational program, but must be performed in Canada..


There are two categories of technicians:

The first category is the “TRAINEE TECHNICIAN” which applies to an individual who has successfully completed the five-course CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Program, but who has little or no field experience.  This person may apply to the CFAA to become recognized as a TRAINEE TECHNICIAN.  Once the one year Canadian field experience requirement has been attained, the TRAINEE TECHNICIAN may then apply to the CFAA for registration as a FIRE ALARM TECHNICIAN

The second category is the ‘REGISTERED TECHNICIAN” which applies to an individual who has successfully completed the five course Fire Alarm Technician Program and who has completed the one year Canadian work experience requirement.


 Application for registration as a TRAINEE TECHNICIAN requires a completed CFAA Form  T9901. Using this form, the applicant identifies the source of the educational courses on which the application is based. The applicant must submit photocopies of all relevant transcripts needed to support their application. If the submission is found by the CFAA to be acceptable, the CFAA will issue a Registration Card clearly identifying the bearer as a TRAINEE TECHNICIAN.

 The mandatory TRAINEE TECHNICIAN period provides time for the TRAINEE TECHNICIAN to obtain valuable on-site Canadian field experience under the guidance of experienced CFAA Registered Technicians. This experience period must cover a minimum of one-year on-the-job involvement. The TRAINEE TECHNICIAN status can be maintained by any one technician for a maximum of three years. Annual renewal is necessary if the trainee period continues for more than one year.

 At the end of the one-year period, the TRAINEE TECHNICIAN may apply to the CFAA for FIRE ALARM TECHNICIAN registration. This application must include a completed Form T9902 confirming the minimum one-year experience. The form must be signed by both the applicant and a currently registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician who is able and willing to confirm the applicability of the work experience of the applicant.   The applicant must also submit a company letter from a Canadian employer(s) confirming the one year experience.  The CFAA may then issue a TECHNICIAN REGISTRATION CARD to the applicant.

The CFAA Fire Alarm Technician must renew the TECHNICIAN REGISTRATION CARD on an annual basis.  Notification as to the expiration of technician status will be emailed to the fire alarm technician prior to the actual date.  The registered fire alarm technician will be required to complete the renewal process.  There is a $50.00 reinstatement fee for all lapsed or overdue accounts.  Therefore it is important for each fire alarm technician to renew yearly.


 Upon receipt of an acceptable Application for Registration (as outlined above), or for Technician Renewal, the CFAA will issue the appropriate Photo-ID Badge (card) to the applicant.

The photo-id badge includes:

  - The Technician registration number of eight digits in length.

  - The name of the home-address province of the Technician is displayed at the top of the card. The first two digits of the Technician Registration number will represent the Technicians home province/territory as follows:

11 - Alberta 16 - Northwest  
21 - Quebec
12 - British Columbia 20 - Prince Edward
       Island & Labrador
13 - Manitoba            17 - Nova Scotia
14 - New Brunswick   18 - Nunavut        22 - Saskatchewan
15 - Newfoundland 19 - Ontario         23 - Yukon

  - The last six digits of the number will be the individual technician's unique identification number.

 The Ontario cards will be different in another way. The Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario has stated that the CFAA Fire Alarm Technician registration cards,  carried by technicians who wish to work in Ontario, must bear specific wording. This is because of the differences between the Ontario and the National, building and fire codes. Therefore such cards issued to registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians having an Ontario address, will automatically contain the following ‘Ontario Identifier Statement’:

"This program is deemed acceptable to the Fire Marshal and satisfies the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code, Division C, Subsections 1.2.1. and"

On cards issued to CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians in all provinces other than Ontario, the statement reads “The bearer of this card has successfully completed the FIRE ALARM TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM.   This program is deemed acceptable under CAN/ULC-S536 / S537”.
A Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician may be registered in more than one province. In that case, the Technician must apply accordingly, and, if deemed appropriate by the CFAA, cards will be issued for additional provinces. The CFAA Fire Alarm Technician registration number will be the same on all cards except for the provincial designation.  There is a fee for each additional provincial registration and card.


Please note when your CFAA Fire Alarm Technician status will be expiring.
The expiry date is shown on your CFAA Fire Alarm Technician Photo ID Badge.

 In order to remain a Registered Technician in good standing you are required to complete the renewal process along with your picture and payment to the CFAA..
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